offers you access to a network of databases. It contains detailed optical data for thousands of building envelope components and can be used for example to calculate the energy performance of buildings. The data is ready to be used by software companies and advanced engineering offices.
This website offers an overview of the components for which data is available and the databases of the network. It can also be used to search for data in all databases. In order to identify institutions, data formats and methods across the databases, they are managed by a metabase together with the components and databases. This website is the front end of the metabase.
The metabase can be queried through its GraphQL endpoint. This is the most powerful way to query all databases. It is well suited to be used by software. The tabs of this website can offer only a part of the functions of the GraphQL endpoint.
With BED-JSON, offers a general format for optical, calorimetric and photovoltaic data sets. It is defined by the JSON Schemas of the API specification. Other data formats are as well available. The source code of the metabase is available at GitHub.
Schematic depiction of how users like architects, planners, or engineers can use the metabase to find products and data in and across databases.